2020 is not off to a flying start. It is a bit much to expect any major changes just because the calendar switches to a new year.

  1. I can’t shake this cold.
  2. My first and only session of poker so far I got crushed!
  3. Work has been a grind.
  4. I’m still fat AF.
  5. I’m also still single.

But I’m all smiles through all of it. I am embracing the chaos. Perhaps even courting it.

I am determined that 2020 will be different and the only way I am going to make that happen is be different.

There are things to celebrate. Jace got his first report card of Kindergarten and he is rocking school. He loves school and his friends, especially his best friend Bronx (the awesome guy in the picture with Jace).

I have doubled the amount in my sports betting account over the past seven weeks. I can’t retire on the amount, but double is still good.

And I am already writing my second blog of the year and it’s only January 10. Maybe I will keep up on this after all.

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