Three Jobs A Day

Three Jobs A Day

In my continued efforts to become debt free, build wealth and give my son a wonderful life I now have days where I work three jobs in the same day.

Yesterday was one of those days.

After getting off work at 1AM the night before and getting to bed around 2:30AM, I bounced up at 8AM to put logos on two cases of Tanner’s apparel. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the Tanner’s Bar & Grill chain, which started in Kansas City 30 years ago. I am honored that six years after I moved away from Kansas City they still use my company for all their bartender and server apparel.

Then I went to work at Mandalay Bay at 5PM. The Consumer Electronics Show is in town, which brings 165,000 tourists. Apparently 164,900 of them do not gamble. They go to the show, they go to dinner, and they go for the adult entertainment. It was a little slow and I was off work after 2 hours.

Not to be deterred from my goals, I turned on my Uber app and headed out to The Strip.  I only drove for a couple of hours, but I picked up an extra $40 for just moving people from casino to casino.

I am always shocked when someone tells me they can’t find a job. Jobs are EVERYWHERE. It’s just a matter of if you really want to work.

My friend Joanna* is also a hustler. She works as a professional massage therapist, and does a great job. She also drives for Lyft in her spare time. She does significantly better at Lyft than I do at Uber, because she works at it. Hard work pay off.

I am not good at remembering quotes, and I may be paraphrasing this Jerry Seinfeld quote a little on getting started in comedy, but it  does apply: “If you work at something eight hours a day, eventually it will make you money.”

So if you are struggling a little right now, or just looking to make your life a little better, get a little hustle going. Don’t be afraid to do the work someone else won’t do. Eventually it will make you money.

Good luck.

*not her real name

Resolutions That Are Not So Resolute

Resolutions That Are Not So Resolute


I’m sure there are hundreds if not thousands of blogs and articles about resolutions posted today. Forgive me for throwing one more log on the fire.

I’m not a New Year’s Day resolutions guy. I never have been. I am not the guy who goes to the gym out of the blue on January 1. I don’t say I’m going to do this, or earn that, or make whatever, then get frustrated by February 1 and give up.

I try to make subtle but effective changes each year. Here are some resolutions I am going live by for 2016:

  1. Expect more from me and less from others. People disappoint me. I want them to be smarter, less lazy, more responsible or to simply recognize they are not the center of the universe. So this year I am going to expect less from other people and much more from myself. I can be a better friend. I can be a better leader. I can be a better worker. I can be more positive. Instead of trying to change people, I can change myself.
  2. Read more. I love reading, and I have loved reading since I was a little kid. I love reading newspapers and can still recite pridefully the full name of newspapers in most major U.S. cities — The Times-Picayune, The Star-Tribune, The Post, The Bee, The Register, The Post-Intelligencer, The Herald, The Review-Journal…I can do this all day long. To my great dismay, a lot of the news sites have gone away from real reporting and switched to videos. Better to appeal to people with shorter attention spans. I can’t stand the videos. I still love the prose. I wake up every morning and read the Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Los Angeles Times, and If I have more time, I throw in the New York Times, The Grundy Register and The Waterloo Courier. Reading will make you smarter than watching videos.
  3. Be kind. You don’t know everyone’s life situation. You don’t know what personal struggles they may face despite their public/social media image. Be kind. Be understanding. Be human.
  4. Laugh every day. Laugher is the best medicine. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Find something to laugh about every single day. Luckily for me, my son makes me laugh every single day.
  5. Save more, spend less. One of the favorite items I have added to my life the last few months is Free Day. I set aside one day each week where I spend $0 for the day. I still drive my car to work and back, so I do burn a little gas. But I take one work day (usually Sunday) and tell myself that not one dollar will leave my pocket that day. Not one swipe of an ATM card. I will make it from 7AM until about 11PM spending no money. It is very liberating.

If these aren’t the resolutions for you, no worries. Find some that are not so rigid that work for you. Happy New Year to all of you.

Jace At 15 Months

Jace At 15 Months

My little Jace turned 15 months old yesterday. Since I’m a first time father I have no idea when you stop counting in months and adhere strictly to years, but 15 months sounds better than 1 year, 3 months or 1 & 1/3 years old.

At 15 months he’s walking great, and even starting to carry stuff around when he walks. He talks frequently, but the words are indistinguishable. We’ve been working on da-da (dad) and gaja (the Korean word for “let’s go”). But it all pretty much runs together. He also does high-fives, claps and does the Vegas version of goodbye, which looks a suspiciously like a guy waving “Stay” at a blackjack table more than a wave goodbye.

His 15-month checkup validated my fear that he is not growing as fast as he should be. He’s is 20 pounds, 1 ounce and 29 inches long. Those two measurements are good in relation to one another, but the bottom of the scale as far as his age. I am hoping for a growth spurt. His stature has proved to be a boon in the clothes department. His 9 month clothes lasted well into his 13 month and he still has room to grow into his 12 month clothes. I’m getting great value on the Iron Man, Batman and Superman shirts I bought for him at Target.

On the positive side, his cranium is huge just like his father’s large noggin.

Jace is starting to assert his dominion over his canine pal, Ace. He’s not afraid of wrestling for toys with him. He’s not afraid of tug-of-war. He’s not afraid of much of anything. He’s become a daredevil who seeks out things to crawl onto to get to higher things. He also has a penchant for turning around feet first to get down from things and dropping to his feet. He is still a monkey.

He goes to school (daycare) four half-days per week. He loves his school and his friends there. He never cries when I leave him and he often isn’t ready to leave when he’s picked up. He is a gentle soul who loves to be around other people.

Tomorrow, we go for the car seat upgrade. He’s getting a little too big for his original car seat, though I am thrilled it lasted him 15 months.

Jace is one-of-a-kind, and I am lucky he’s my son.


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