Busy Weekend With Jace

Weekend are too short. We try to make the most of them. This weekend, Jace and me packed as much in as we could.

We started off Saturday morning at the Easter Seals Christmas Party at Texas Station Casino. Easter Seals has been very good to Jace over the past six months, helping him with speech therapy and development.

It was a great party thrown by a great organization for a bunch of deserving families.

Jace got to visit Santa and received a really cool wood car. That boy LOVES cars! He also played some games with the other kids, did a colors/shapes puzzle and made his mommy a paper-plate snowman with marshmallow and glue.

Jace loves to play with other kids, but since he is not in daycare right now he doesn’t get to very often. When it’s warm we go to a park where a lot of other kids play.

It always makes me so happy to see him content and playing with other kids.

After a stop back home for lunch and a nap, it was off to Mandalay Bay for a Christmas Party. Jace loves to go in casinos. The lights, the sounds, the people — it all amazes him. It was good to see my co-workers enjoying my little boy.

Saturday we made a few stops before Jace made his first-ever appearance at a college football game. We received free tickets to the Las Vegas Bowl, featuring San Diego State and Houston. After almost seven years in Las Vegas I was finally going to get a chance to see Sam Boyd Stadium (UNLV’s home stadium).

jace_football_gameJace LOVED his first football game. He loved the marching bands. He loved the National Anthem and the giant flag on the field. He loved the flyover. He loved the fireworks before kickoff. He loved the music. My little man couldn’t take it all in fast enough.

A Houston fan sitting behind us was even kind enough to take our picture at the game. We could only stay for part of the first half of the game, as nap time was again creeping up on us. But we will definitely be going back.

Saturday night I made a my way to Red Rock Casino for some much-needed poker. It was good to claw back a pretty big chunk of what I lost last weekend.

It was a great weekend with my boy.

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