Up and Down Sessions at GVR

The great news is my buddy Ben D. is back in town after a five-month absence from traveling. The bad news is my two-night poker adventure with him has been up and down.

Sunday we went to Green Valley Ranch for some $1-$2 NL action. I got off to another bad start while Ben double up. Then he lost three-fourths of his chip while I rallied to a $50 profit.

Then I fell back to a  $90 loss when my Q-Q lost to a 5s-9s on a board of Qd-10s-2h-3s-4s. Yes, I flopped a set of queens and my bet was called by a guy holding 5s-9s. When a fourth spade hit the turn I put him all in for his final $63 and he snapped called and caught his flush. That is poker.

Ben rallied to carve out a $15 win before he went off to dinner with some visiting friends. I was still stuck so I played longer. About 90 minutes later, I won a big pot with a full hour and left +$198.

Monday night wasn’t as lucky. My stack went up and down like a roller coaster all night. Ben met me after work and absolutely killed it. I didn’t count Ben’s stack when he cashed out for the night but between his big keno win and the poker he was at least +$2,000

I spent most of the night stuck, and stuck significantly. I just couldn’t finish a hand. And all four times I had Aces I raised preflop and only captured the blinds.

I finally called it a night -$137. As far as I was down at one point it almost felt like a win.

Current Bankroll: $2,356

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