Sometimes You Just Call It A Night

Green Valley Ranch was the site again tonight, as Ben D. joined me for some $1-$2 no limit poker action.

The night started off promising with a quick run to a $150 profit when my bottom two pair held up against a top pair. The profit gradually wore away over the next 90 minutes on preflop raises that missed flops and well-connected flops that didn’t just get all the way home.

Back down to my original stack, I doubled up again. I flopped a set of eights and turned a full house against a player who made an inferior full house with the same card.

It was early the evening and it looked it was going to be a big night. Then I ran my stack into three hands which whittled me down to no profit at all. The grossest of all was the big blind with Ac-2c. The flop was Ah-3c-4c. I had flopped top pair, four to a nut flush and one card to a straight flush. Unfortunately my opponent had A-3 and I bricked out.

When the night was over I was squeezing a $15 profit. But it’s still better than a loss.



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