Short But Profitable Session At GVR

It was a short but profitable session at Green Valley Ranch Monday night.

I only played 3 1/2 hours total, profiting $116 for the trip. I would have liked to play longer and certainly would like to profit it more but sometimes the circumstances dictate a faster exit.

The initial table I was assigned to featured a talkative kid and his friend. The regulars told me that he runs up his stack quickly but can dump it as fast and he takes it in with his aggressive style.

This is my least favorite type of player to face. Not for the aggressive style, but for the attitude. He’s singing, talking, having conversations across the table mid-hand, leaving the table every 10 minutes for 15-minute stretches and basically won’t shut up, even more so when he is winning. It’s like playing poker with a human parrot.

The usual way to counter this play is to set back and wait with a really big hand. I’ve learned from experience that usually once you take a big stack of chips off Mr. Talkative, they tend to quiet down.

I didn’t have the patience for the attitude tonight, so I jumped tables to a quieter game. I was being joined by my poker buddy Eddie M. Fast Eddie is in his 70s and he wouldn’t want to hear all the chatter either.

After moving tables we had a nice session. A couple of small errors cost me a better ending. I fell in love with an Ac-Ks against a pre flop raiser. The flop was Kc-Jc-8s. I had flopped top pair-top kicker (known simply as top-top). The turn brought the 10c, which gave me a backdoor Royal Flush draw. The river paired the board and I was reraised when I led out. It turns out the pre flop raiser has J-J and had flopped a set and rivered a full house. The player in between us had made a flush on the turn. I was in bad shape from the jump.

The other hand I played that didn’t work out was a 5-5 for $1 from the small blind. The flop was 8-2-8, and I figured my two pair was ahead. I bet, called by the big blind. The turn was a 6. I bet again, and was just called again by the big blind. The river was a third eight. There was a chance my full house was the best hand, but it was dwindling. It turns out that big blind was holding A-8 and had made quads.

Overall, a decent session and I will take the small profit.

Current Bankroll: $2,219

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