Enjoy The Small Things

Enjoy The Small Things

As the 48-year old father of a 3 1/2 year old boy I am re-learning lessons I should have known years ago. Enjoy the small victories. Appreciate simple things. Be amazed by the sights and sounds you take for granted.

My son Jace enjoys pushing the button to open/close the garage door. Moving laundry from the washer to the dryer makes him feel helpful. Every single night for the past three weeks we have walked two doors down from our house because he wants to see the same Christmas lights up close. Seeing a dozen or so semis lined up in the casino parking lot near our home amazes him. Making Playdoh spaghetti never gets old. Getting his own clean dish out of the dishwasher for dinner is joyful. Walking to the mailbox across the street together is a cause to celebrate.

As an adult, we see these things as tasks. Mundane, laborious, boring and unavoidable. Through a child’s eye, getting to do these tasks or help with chores is amazing. It gives off a feeling of independence and contributing the family dynamic.

Every day after work I can’t wait to pick him up from his mother’s place, get back to my home and play. No matter how tough the work day he makes it all melt away. 

Enjoy the little things in your life. Be amazed at the ordinary. It is a great feeling.

New T-Shirts Available

New T-Shirts Available

A host of new t-shirt styles have made their debut.

Included in these are college- and professional-colored home tees and a unisex VegasStrong tee.

The home tees are limited to Iowa, Minnesota and Nevada so far, but other states will be featured soon.

The #VegasStrong t-shirt celebrates the spirit of all people who love Las Vegas after the tragic events of October 1, 2017. Part of the proceeds of each shirt sold will be donated to the Las Vegas Victims’ Fund.

Vegas Strong Tees For A Cause

Vegas Strong Tees For A Cause

In wake of the tragic shooting in Las Vegas October 1, the people of Las Vegas have come together to honor the 58 people who died, the almost 500 who were injured and to support the first responders and others who stepped forward to help.

The Clark County Victims Fund has been established and raised around $9 million to aid the victims of this horrible crime.

We are supporting this fund by selling our VegasStrong T-Shirts. The shirts come in three different styles — a men’s tee, a ladies tee and a unisex v-neck tee. For each t-shirt sold, we will make a donation to the Clark County Victim’s Fund.

This is not about making money. This is about supporting the victims and the people of this great city, where I have lived for 7 1/2 years and been visiting since 1994.

To order tees, follow this link.




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