Just The Two Of Us

It’s been 12 years — TWELVE — since I was last a television sportscaster. A whole lifetime ago. So it has also been a dozen years since I did any kind of video editing. I was never that great at it, more workmanlike than artist. All the fantastic stuff you saw on Metro Sports was much more the work of true artists like Chris Sheridan, Ryan Stadlman, Stephen Spiegel, Mick Shaffer, Nick Danzo, Matt Wheeler and so many more extremely talented people.

But I dusted off the editing skills because the subject was so extraordinary — my son. As my only child I have been an overly-proud father. In 2 1/2 years I have taken more than 2,700 photos and about 100 videos of him. He makes me laugh and makes me proud every day.

This video won’t win any awards. It is workmanlike and sparse on artistic flair. In fact, it is only exceptional in one way — I put my whole heart into it.

I hope you enjoy.

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