Jackpot at GVR

After spending the day working on my business from home, and the late afternoon Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (highly recommended) it was time to get back to my other job — playing poker.

The destination was back to the Green Valley Ranch poker room. First it was nice to see some old friend there. There are a number of players that used to be customers in my old job who have migrated to GVR. It was great to catch up with Willie R., Pat R., Alba, Jozef and others.

Tom Glavine was a notorious slow-starter but he is a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee.
Tom Glavine was a notorious slow-starter but he is a Baseball Hall of Fame inductee.

I jumped into a $1-$2 no limit hold’em game. With a nod to Hall of Fame inductee Tom Glavine, I got into another Glavine-ish slow start.

I was bluffed by a new player in the 10-seat who re-raised my pre-flop raise from the small blind and then proceeded to show me a 2-7 suited. The next two times I got into pots with him he tried to bluff me again and I picked him off twice. Our third post-flop encounter cost me dearly. I had limped in with Qs-Js when he raised in position. I called. The flop was J-10-7 with two hearts. I made a misplay here by checking to get him to act. He acted, but I failed to raise. I feared a two pair or straight hand and just called. The turn was a 2 of hearts, putting three hearts on board. I check-called his bet again. When the 9d fell on the river there was now a straight and flush draw on the board. He shoved all in and I folded. He showed me a 5-3o. I was a little steamed at myself for not acting more aggressively on the flop.

I started to rally after that. I was actually within $20 of being even when everything changed for the good. I had called a small raise from the small blind with 7s-8s hoping to hit a big flop against three other players. Bingo! The flop was 8h-8d-Jh. I had flopped trips. I checked out of position hoping to trap the raiser. He obliged with an $18 bet.

As I was getting ready to decide whether to call or raise there was an announcement over the intercom that the bad beat jackpot had “possibly” been hit at one of the other Station Casinos. The bad beat jackpot is a progressive fund that is paid out when an unusually big hand is beaten by a bigger hand. In this case, it was quad 6’s or better beaten by a bigger hand. When the bad beat hits the two players involved in the hand receive $30,000 and $20,000 respectively. Every player playing Texas hold’em at every other casino receives a table share. The keep the approximate table share total on a screen in each poker room. The approximate table share was rumored to be over $360.

I was confused if I should get aggressive with this pot. The bad beat was unconfirmed (there are situations that can nullify the bad beat) and was a little wary risking a lot of chips based on a bonus payout.

I decided to just called the flop. I check-called the turn when a third heart came and we check-checked the river. I had made eights full of jacks, and took down a good-sized pot. On top of that, the bad beat was confirmed and we were all getting bonus money.

I played for another hour waiting for the bad beat payout (there’s a lot of paperwork that needs to be done before the payouts are made) keeping my play conservative and picking up a few more chips. When the bonus payout came it was time to call it a short, rewarding night.

Current Bankroll: $1,606

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