Jace At Nine Months: Haircuts and Cheerios

Jace celebrated his 9 month birthday yesterday with a perfect doctor’s appointment. And a Cheerio.

Jace ready for meal time.

Nine months into this parenting thing and I’ve learned many things I had never known before. And I still have so much to learn.

Jace is an awesome little guy. He smiles easily. He loves to laugh. The entire world is interesting to him. Things that are important to him are things that fit in his mouth. He talks endlessly despite the fact that he can’t form any words. He loves attention and showing off.

He is also demanding at meal time. When he’s done playing because he’s tired he’s DONE. RIGHT. NOW. He finds great joy in making loud noises, turning over his toys and throwing things. He can’t crawl even though he had both arms and both legs moving. He just can’t put them together yet.



I love his crazy hair. He got his first haircut last week. Buzzed all the way around and a mohawk in the middle. It was not the most professional haircut as his mother and I teamed up to give it to him. When we done it was a little uneven, but he loved it (the attention thing!). And complete strangers who’ve seen him since comment about how great his hair looks.

Jace after a bath.

As a single dad I have to have a little bit of everything he may need at my house. We go clothes shopping and I get to buy him Iron Man t-shirts and jeans. I also buy lots of diapers and wipes, baby food and medicines.

He has his nine-month checkup yesterday. He’s one ounce shy of 17 pounds and 26 inches long. Both measurements are the small side. His head circumference, however, is on the large side. He’s got a big melon like his dad.

With his seven little chicklets for teeth he can now eat a few solid foods that are not mush. His doctor mentioned he was ready for some Cheerios. As soon as we left the doctor’s office, Jace and I went to Target for some groceries. The first thing we picked up was a big box of Cheerios. For reasons passing understanding, I was so excited to get him home to try some Cheerios.

When we got home I put away all the groceries, set Jace on my lap with a small bowl of Cheerios. I was so excited to see him eat Cheerios, pick them up with his own hands, feed himself a little. I put the first one in his mouth to how him it was okay. It took him about 90 seconds of chewing and gumming to get it soft enough to swallow.

He hasn’t eaten one since. He doesn’t like Cheerios. Sigh.

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