First Angel Dime of 2015

After picking up my son from his mother this morning we had some errands to run. Jace needed a new high chair as he is taking to solid food. And Daddy needed some groceries for the homestead.

We didn’t know an angel was looking out for us. After our Target stop we headed to the Fresh & Easy at Boulder and Horizon. We parked in a spot where we don’t normally park. When I got out of the Jeep to open the back door to let Jace out, there it was on the ground.

Jace's collection of angel dimes.
Jace’s collection of angel dimes.

If you don’t know about angel dimes, you can read what I wrote about them last year.

Our angels are my mother, who passed away the day after my 19th birthday, and my grandmother. They were the angels in my life when I was alive and they are now the angels watching over Jace.






My angels dimes in their “All You Need Is Love” container, along with other cherished items on a shelf in Jace’s room.

My angel dimes are kept forever in a Beatles’ themed container which sits on a shelf in Jace’s room. It’s good to have angels watching over us.

Happy New Year 2015.

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