Cold By Day, Hot At Night

It was a full day of poker as JP and I took a shot at the Aria poker tournament before finishing up with a live play at Green Valley Ranch.

The Aria tournament — especially on Fridays and Saturdays — is simply the best tournament in Las Vegas. It’s a $125 buyin for 10,000 tournament chips. With reenters and late entries, the field generally is in the 125-150 range on Fridays and Saturdays. That makes for a first-place prize of around $4,000.

Neither JP or myself got off to a good start. At the first break he was down below 6,000 chips while I was stuck at 7,500 chips. About 30 minutes after the break both of us were finished.

From there we headed to Green Valley Ranch to check out the $1-$2 action. What a night to go. A bunch of the customers from my previous place of work were all playing in the room. My table had JP, Dan. C, Robert W. and Nick C. I saw Alba, Jozef, Harry, Chammi, Anthony, Bill C., Bill M. and others dotting the tables around the room. Since my departure from my old place of work, Green Valley Ranch is the hottest poker room in Henderson. Coincidence?

I got off to a great start, flopping a nut straight out of the small blind against a pair of kings. The pair of kings was nice enough to dump her entire stack to me.

After 90 minutes of treading water I hit another nice hand. With five limps to me on the button I popped it to $16 with As-8s. Remarkably everyone limp in called me. The flop was 5s-7s-6c. Four to a straight and four to a nut flush. Everyone checked to me. I led out for $80 and everyone folded.

After a little more bobbing along I banged out one more big play before I left. I raised to $12 with pocket 10s, my favorite hand. The only caller was Robert W., who loves to play big pots and loves to gamble against me. The flop was 10h-7h-9c, giving me top set. I bet out $25 and got called. The turn was the 9h, finishing off my full house. I decided to check because Robert loves to bet. He obliged with a $65 offering. I check-raised all in and Robert snap-called me with his king high flush. It wasn’t good enough against my full house. I took all his chips, was ready to rack up and go home.

I bought in for $200, and walked out with $608. Minus the $125 for the Aria tourney it was still a good day.

Current Bankroll: $2,857

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