I Believe In Me

I Believe In Me

I have spent much of my adult life making other people and other businesses money. And not small amounts of money, either. 

In one of my first jobs I took over a department and slashed $550,000 in waste in my first year. In another job I was put in charge of a very  small business that had lost more than $10,000 in the previous year and turned a $21,000 profit the year I took over.

I once took over a basketball tournament that had gone bankrupt the year before. My boss told me not to lose $20,000 doing putting the event on. After paying each team a small fee for participating, paying all the officials, paying for the venue and giving away several $1,000 scholarships, the basketball tournament made a few thousand dollars.

I’ve always worked hard to put the businesses I worked for first in my life. I’ve been proud of my work ethic. What I have failed to do all along that time is take care of myself. I’ve made a few dollars here and there. However, I have always  been left to scratch out a middle-class living.

Recently my longtime business mentor visited Las Vegas. This is a man who DID make it big. He worked hard, made sure he had ownership/control over the ventures he worked for, sold stuff for a premium price and retired early.

We bonded again over a few hours at a poker table talking about my life in Las Vegas, my current job situation and the stuff I really wanted to do. A few days after he flew back to Kansas City I received this note in the mail.

It read, “Chad, Great to see you. Our time together was great fun. Your abilities are worth a lot. Cover all bases on your decisions ahead. Call if you in town (sic). Your friend, Jay.

It was an unexpected note that I have read at least once a day every day since I received it almost a month ago.

I realized after seven years in Las Vegas I am doing what I have always done — helping make a giant corporation as much money as I can, while not really looking out for myself.

That changes today.

I am tired of putting on a suit and tie daily. I’m tired of being told when I will come to work, when I can go to lunch and when I can go home. To corporations, people are fungible. They are easily replaced. I can say without a doubt that my previous employers didn’t miss me one single day after I left. The business simply replaced me with someone else, perhaps even someone cheaper, and moved on down the road.

Starting today, I am building an empire for me and for my son. I am going to be the CEO of my entire life. I am going to take the risk,  because I understand how great the reward can be. 

I believe in me.

Put Chad Harberts To Work For You

Put Chad Harberts To Work For You

Chad Harberts isn’t just a person, it’s a brand that can work for you.

For more than 30 years, Chad Harberts has worked professionally as a radio and television on-air talent, marketing and promotions professional, newspaper reporter, sports public relations specialist, business owner, public speaker, card room manager, and life coach.

Based in Las Vegas, Chad Harberts works with individuals and companies in need of consultation. Currently among Chad’s clients are:

  •  A successful Overland Park (KS.) based Real Estate team — ongoing social media and promotional support
  • A major Las Vegas Strip casino — business consulting and management
  • A small Northeast Las Vegas business — business consulting
  • A major metropolitan bar and grill chain — promotional materials

In addition, Chad Harberts is available for life coaching, helping clients with consulting and plans for success in their financial, personal and professional lives.

Contact us today for your personal and professional needs.

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