Big Day In The Desert

Black Friday is just a shopping day to a lot of people. A day to stand in long lines, get in a fight with a soccer mom over a $12 toy and spend way to much money on too many people.

The Grand at the Golden Nugget is the place to be today for a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool poker tournament.

But Black Friday for us in the poker world is the day the Federal Government shut down online poker.

Due to the fact that online poker is still illegal in America (that George Bush presidency just keeps looking better and better), poker players are always scouring the live poker landscape for a the kind of good value/large prize pool tournaments we used to be able to play daily on the Internet.

Today is one of those days. The Golden Nugget is throwing open The Grand for a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool poker tournament at Noon. The cost is $125 for 10,000 chips, and $10 more for an additional 2,000 chips. Assuming the Nugget is whacking $25 off the top of the entry fee, they will need around 250 players to meet the guarantee.

I am predicting closer to 400.

I know of around 12 people just from my group of players around Henderson who are heading downtown to partake.

You can follow (some of) us online:

Me — @chadharberts

Ryan G — @crustyscoops

Chris N — @jayhawk1980

Ben D — @bendevlin

Others in our group include JR, Rusty, Rocky, Jose R, JP…I will try to keep everyone updated via Twitter throughout the tournament.

Good luck to all.

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