Be Kind

Be kind. 

In a day where each person make dozens and dozens of choices, being kind is the easiest choice to make. If you start the day with this one simple choice, your entire day will become better.

Kindness is contagious. If you are kind, the people you are kind to will tend to also be kind to the people they come in contact with. Kindness is disarming. Kindness is happy. Kindness brings good karma.

Here’s are easy ways to practice kindness:

Say “Thank you” a lot.

Compliment a stranger.

Send a random text to a friend that simply says, “Hello. Have a great day!”

Pickup a piece of trash that you didn’t originally discard and throw it away.

Let someone ahead of you in line.

Hold the elevator door until everyone else exits.

Overpay for something and tell the recipient “Keep the change.”

Put up something positive on your Facebook wall — a picture of a puppy, or your kids or a sunny day.

Find one thing in your house you no longer need but someone else could use and donate it to Goodwill or Salvational Army.

Buy the meal or the coffee for the person behind you in the line at a drive through.

Pickup a box of donuts and take it into work.

If you go grocery shopping, grab one of the loose carts in the parking lot that someone else didn’t put away and use it for your shopping.


Be kind. And enjoy the day.

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