Angels Among Us

The angels in our lives are with us daily. Every now and then the angels know remind you they are looking out. They have a special way of leaving this message.

They leave a dime.

I wasn’t aware of the phenomenon until a year ago. A very special woman named Ramona told me the story about how her mother, the grandmother of my then-girlfriend, would leave her or a family member a dime in places where you wouldn’t expect to find a dime — rolling down the hallway of a hospital, in the middle of the floor of a room you just vacuumed or in the aisle of the grocery store. Mo (as she goes by) said this was a sign her mother was in heaven looking over her family, her grandchildren and her friends.

She was so passionate about her angel dimes I was envious that I never found any myself. Maybe I had found dimes before and just didn’t know the story of the angel dimes?

I started to believe. A lot of other people believe in angel dimes, too. Google “Angels leaving dimes” and check out some of entries.

In the middle of going through a messy and painful breakup with the very woman of the mother who told me the angel dimes story I found my first angel dime in the Club Fortune Casino poker room. Poker room don’t have coins. The lowest denomination of betting in most rooms is a $1 poker chip or a fifty-cent piece. Certainly there are no quarters, dimes, nickels or pennies in the poker room. As the manager, I was cleaning the countertop behind the podium before the room opened for the day. I decided to move the phone to wipe the dust off the countertop. Under the phone was a dime.

It was inexplicable that a lone dime was hiding under the phone. In a place where change was absent, an angel wanted to let me know that they were on my shoulder while I went though this personal trauma.

I didn’t want to mix my first-ever angel dime with my other change so I brought it home and dropped in a vase on a shelf.

Over the next few months I found two more dimes. It always seemed like it was on a day I was doubting myself. A dime would inexplicably show up in my life.

By Christmas last month I was up to six dimes in eight months. I found one on the ground when I was getting gas at a 7-Eleven. I found one at a park near the end of my beloved Pirate’s life.

After Christmas I moved the dimes to a little case on my bathroom counter. It was a little trinket from Hallmark that says “All you need is love. Lennon-McCartney.”

My life has gotten quite a bit better over the past two months, and the dimes have stopped flowing quite as much. But the angels are still there.

This morning I met a friend at Starbucks for some conversation and advice. I was a little early, she was a little late. I stood by the counter for five minutes holding the newspaper I was going to buy and waiting for my friend. I stood there while several other customers walked by me to order their coffee. After five minutes of glancing at my iPhone and the front page of the newspaper I looked down at the floor.

There was a dime. Right at my feet. An angel had left me a message.

I smiled as I picked it up.


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