And Some Nights You DON’T Suck At Poker

One night after taking a Cousin Eddie type beating, I was back on the felt mixing it up.

The game was $1-$2 No limit at Green Valley Ranch. Joining me on this visit was the one and only Fast Eddie, along with a late appearance by Scotty H.

The poker Gods smiled upon me tonight. I had a run of good cards and players paid me off with inferior hands.

I felted one player with K-K against her K-J on a K-J-8 flop. She reloaded and I felted her again with the nut flush against her two pair. I also won a nice pot with my A-A vs. a K-K.

I actually had a little decline at the end when my A-K failed against a Q-J and my 7-7 didn’t improve against an A-K on a K-Q-9 flop.

Still, it was a great night.

Current Bankroll: $3,012

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