Jace At Six Months

Jace At Six Months

Today was Jace’s six-month birthday. Only a baby’s age is measured in months, and then only up to a one year (I will never call my child a 14-month old. He will simply be 1).

He was on the exam table for 30 seconds waiting for the doctor. In that time he grabbed the paper with both hands and tried to wrap it around himself.
He was on the exam table for 30 seconds waiting for the doctor. In that time he grabbed the paper with both hands and tried to wrap it around himself.

Despite the special day, we had a pretty ordinary day for the little monkey. We started the day with a routine followup with a doctor. We stopped by work at Mandalay Bay to pick up a few things from my locker. We went to Target and spent a filthy amount of money on baby-related items.

Jace at six months is a funny, curious, gibberish-talking, round mound of infant. He is starting to take in the world around him. He pets (pulls the fur) of his dog, Ace. His interest level in any object starts and stops at ‘will this fit in my mouth’. He has two little teeth and big hair.





Trying to get solid food into this guy typically results in as much food on his face as in his belly.
Trying to get solid food into this guy typically results in as much food on his face as in his belly.

He has started to eat solid foods, as long as you loosely define the word solid. It’s mainly oatmeal or vegetables that are smashed into a fine sauce. He is a sloppy eater who enjoys the splatter of an uncovered sneeze with a mouth full of veggie sauce.

Me, with Jace at six months? That’s a different story. I’ve had to learn a lot more patience and a lot more planning. I have my son every day by myself. I have to plan ahead for what errands to run and which ones to skip until a different time.

Jace is still a little too small to ride in shopping carts and a little too heavy to haul around in his car seat. A lot of places I end up putting the car seat in the shopping cart, which leaves little room for actual shopping.

I have to try to take a nap when he takes a nap or go to work on less than five hours of sleep. I do more laundry, more dishes and clean up more messes than I ever have.

Yet, I’m encouraged by what is coming. He is working on sitting up which is a precursor to crawling and leads to walking. His mobility, as I am told, will lead to a lot less carrying him but a lot more WATCHING him as he finds trouble everywhere he goes.

In May, Jace will be taking his first commercial plane ride to Kansas City and Iowa. He will be 10 1/2 months old. I took my first commercial plane ride in 1992 as a student sports information assistant with the Northern Iowa women’s basketball team to play Southwest Missouri State. I was 23 years old.

Jace is a great kid, and I am truly blessed to have him. I spend all of my time now trying to find ways to make his life better each day. As every parent knows, I will probably spend the rest of my life working on that.

Happy 6-month birthday, Jace.

Getting Ready For Party

Friday will be my 44th birthday party. It’s not a milestone birthday like a 50, but I am determined to make this one as great as can be.

I have had a relatively bad history with birthdays. My mother passed away the day after my 19th birthday. No. 37 was supposed to be hot Asian girlfriend making me breakfast in a French maid outfit and a scooter tour of the Kansas City Zoo (which I was looking forward to doing). Girlfriend didn’t think she looked good in the outfit so she didn’t wear it. She ruined breakfast, and she didn’t want to go to the zoo, so we didn’t go.

Last year was an unmitigated disaster — perhaps the worst birthday of my life — with blonde girlfriend getting drunk, picking a fight with me at the Golden Nugget and dumping me in a hotel room where we were supposed to spend the night. I ended up having to drive back home at 2AM. The she let herself into my house at 3AM to make up, scaring the daylights out of me.

They haven’t all been bad. No. 30 was pretty cool, as all my friends and family visited Kansas City for a huge party at a downtown restaurant. It was one of the last times I saw my grandmother alive, and she stayed at the party until the end.

New pool cabana from Lowe’s, rug from Target and chairs from Wal-Mart have spruced up the backyard.

This one is going to be great! Instead of going out and trying to make it into a big shindig, the party is coming home. I am also single, which is probably the best way to be when one is having a big birthday bash at their own house in Las Vegas.

It’s an all-day, all-night poker, barbeque, pool party at my house. I am opening the doors to all my friends to come hang out at the pool, play some poker and enjoy a ton of great food! Guests have already pledged brisket, pork loin and brats. I have the potato salad and macaroni salad lined up. It’s still over 100F every day in the Vegas so the pool will be in the high 80s during the day and low 80s at night.

Even the new cabana is ready!

It is going to be epic.If you really know me, then you are invited. Swimsuits are recommended, but not required. Have a little cash if you want to play some poker.

It all starts Friday, August 9 at 11AM.

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