Bingo and Buffet

I took a break from grind of my business last night to enjoy a little bingo and buffet at Green Valley Ranch.

Bingo has come a long ways since I was a kid and go with my grandmother to the hall in Lincoln, Iowa. Then, I was the youngest person in the room by 60 years. It was a quiet hall with the silence interrupted only by the calling of the number and hundred of daubers banging against paper cards on wooden tables.

The new bingo room at Green Valley Ranch Casino.
The new bingo room at Green Valley Ranch Casino.

Bingo rooms now have fully electronic machines. Not only do these machines automatically update in conjunction with the numbers that are called, they also allow the user to have considerably more cards than the person still using paper cards. More cards means more opportunities to win. For instance, the $39 package gave me 72 cards for each game in the bingo session. I would never be able to daub 72 individual cards in the short time between each number being called. For the old-time players, paper cards are still available for a cheaper session package.

Station Casinos (one of which is Green Valley Ranch) also tie all of their bingo places together for the first game of the night. This leads to a potential six figure payout for hitting the progressive jackpot. Bingo is big business in this town (again!).

Since the machines update as each number is called, I could sit back, enjoy the game and have a drink. My recent run of good fortune continued as just a few games into the session I was the first person in the room to hit a triple bingo. It was a great $300 win. Minus a $20 tip to the bingo caller I was guaranteed a winning session for the evening.

After the bingo win it was off to the Feast Buffet at Green Valley Ranch. Being a semi-regular player at GVR I was mailed a coupon for a discounted buffet. With the points I had built up on my card through poker and bingo, I whittled that discount down to free.

A night of bingo and buffet, and coming home with more money in my pocket than I left home with is living the Vegas dream.

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