2013 Poker Gets Off To Rough Start

So my hopes of getting the 2013 poker season off on the right start took a bit of a hit opening weekend. I managed to dump a few c-notes on the tourists at both Bellagio and Monte Carlo.

I started the afternoon off Bellagio. One of my favorite floor people in all of Las Vegas runs the middle limits there, and I had not been in for a visit in awhile. On the fence on what I should play I decided to jump into a 10-20 limit must move game. Took a seat with my five stacks of nickels ($5 chips) and never got going in the right direction.

I came in as the big blind and got to see my first hand (7-9o) for a check. Sure enough the flop was 8-10-2 rainbow. I went check-call, check-call, check-check to the river with my up and down straight draw only to have my 10 high hand lose to a jack high hand. Ugh! One hand in and I’m down $40.

Within two hours I had dumped $400. There was a little bad play in there and certainly some bad luck. Lost a few bets with K-K to a 10-5c on a J high board. Flopped a flush with 4-3h out of of a check in the big blind. Flop was A-K-J hearts. Lost to a A-Qo when the turn and river went K-K.

I did see my buddy Devo (pro poker player Bryan Devonshire) playing 20-40 Omaha upstairs at Bellagio and got to exchange a few pleasantries. That was the highlight of the night.

After my friend Ben Devlin joined me at Bellagio I took my final $98 from the table and we made our way by tram to Monte Carlo. This is what you do when you are a middling grinder. You look for games with tourists that you can beat. And you go to places you wouldn’t normally go to play poker.

The card room at the Monte Carlo casino.

I like the room at Monte Carlo. You can tell the staff is trying to make poker a good experience there, even if Monte Carlo is probably no better than the 12th choice of most Strip tourists. I should have gone to a no limit game, but after my $400 beating at Bellagio, the 2-6 spread limit game with Ben seemed like a better choice.

At first it was. Flopped top pair, rivered the nut flush against a guy playing 10-5 (payback for the Bellagio guy) for a decent pot. Raised max with A-K. Got two callers. Flopped a king high rainbow. They both folded. I was up $50 over my original $100 buyin the first 15 minutes at the table. I was felted 90 minutes later. That’s poker.

It did put a bit of a damper on the start of my 2013 poker season. But the year is long. I’ll bounce back.

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  1. Hi Chad,
    How’s that cute dog Pirate? I know he’s older now. I apologize if he’s passed on. I didn’t see any recent info on your site.

    I’m sure you still hate me or don’t remember me. I’m glad you made it out to Vegas and living your dream.

    Just randomly Googled you. I live in your old neighborhood in Brookside. It’s clear that you’re long gone from the old house. It made me curious about what has happened to you in the past 5 years.

    Oh, you won the bet…BUT only by a technicality 🙂

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