Living In Uncertain Times

You would think in a time when I have been out of work for more than 30 days I would find some time to update my site. Laziness, I guess. Or maybe a lack of doing interesting things.

But I have been doing interesting things during these times:

  • Built a sandbox
  • Bought a kiddie pool
  • Painted Jace’s room in Vikings/Northern Iowa purple and gold
  • Built a rock retaining wall in the front yard
  • Painted “rock” flowers to put in the front yard with Jace
  • Went hiking/walking several times
  • Drove the darkened Strip
  • Drove to Laughlin
  • Homeschooled Jace every Monday through Friday
  • Played many games of PBA Bowling and WGT Golf on my phone
  • Played poker online
  • Cooked homemade pizza, BBQ ribs, breaded pork tenderloins and more
  • Taking Jace to an orchard Saturday morning
  • Watched the entire 12-year run of NYPD Blue. Again
  • Watched the entire 5-year run of The Wire for the first time
  • Currently watching the entire 8-year run of Entourage for the second time.

Yes, I have been lazy. It’s easy to spend all day on social media, playing games, eating and napping.

But this has been a really enjoyable time, too. It has been fun reading books and doing math with Jace every day. He has so many resources we didn’t have when I was in kindergarten. With the Internet we can read books and take tests on book online. His math in interactive with cool graphics. We have been using the ArtForKidsHub on YouTube to learn how to draw.

We have played together in his new sandbox. We walk Ace every day and go for bike rides after.

Thursday night we made breaded pork tenderloins for dinner. Jace got to pound the pork tenderloins flat before we breaded them and fried them. He loved helping.

Taking a break from work has been nice. I have been working jobs since I was 15. I have never been between jobs and more than a few times in my life I have had multiple jobs at the same times. Unemployment and the CARES Act have helped during this time, so the stress of keeping a roof over our head and food in our bellies has been minimized.

It is a difficult time for people right now. I understand we are more fortunate that some people around the country right now. However, we are trying to look at this time as a blessing. Soon, we all be back to the grind.

And we will miss these days when we got maximum family time.

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