Breakdown Of A Live Poker Session — Every Hand Played

This is my session from March 1 on the Las Vegas Strip. It was written on my phone, so excuse any typos.

Paid $10 to park. Bought in $220 at Excalibur.

First hand played was SB QJo for limp in. Flopped double gutter in A-10-8 board. Lost $30 calling two streets and missing.

Played A9o from cutoff for limp in six ways. Flop was Q-Q-7. Checked around to me. I bet $13. Everyone folds.

Limp 10-7ss. Raise to $12. We call four way pot. Pots is $48. Flop is Ks-Qs-2h. Check to raiser. He bets $25. One caller. We call with flush draw. Pot is $123. Turn is 9s. First bets $75. I shove $156. Original raiser calls for less. First calls. River is 5d. First has J-10o for straight. Raiser has K-Qo for top two. Flush holds! 🙂

Voluntarily played 6-8dd from UTG+1 for limp in. Weak play. Whiffed flop. Folded to bet. 

15 minute break to get sandwich and fruit cup. Yes, I’m bragging. This fatty passed up McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Cinnabon and Popeye’s for a sandwich and fruit cup from Einstein Bros Bagels

Four limps to button. I raise to $15 with A-10o. One caller. Second player goes all in for $25. I call. One other call. Pot is $75. Board runs out K109QJ with two spades and three clubs. No action on any street. My straight scoops. 

Two limps. I raise to $12 with A-10o. One caller. Pot is $26. Flop is 10-7-6 rainbow. Check to me. I bet $20. Win pot. 

Raised to $13 UTG with Ah-Kh. One caller. Pot was $29. Flop 743 rainbow. I bet $25. Win pot. 

Played Q9hh from last position for limp. SB made it $12. Three callers to me. I call. Flop is K-10-5 rainbow. I fold to bet. 

Raised to $11 in late position with QJo. One caller. Pot is $25. Flop is J98 rainbow. Check to me. I bet $15. Win pot. 

Limp with A2hh. Raised to $8. One caller. I call. Pot is $27. Flop is As-Ks-Jc. I check. Raiser bet $15. I fold. 

J9 offsuit in the BB. Two limps. I check. Board runs out A249J. I bet $6 on river. No callers. 

Called $12 preflop raise with 10h-10s. The exact hand that is on my license plate. Stupidly called flop and turn bets on Q87 board against player who has been very tight so far. Still can’t lay down pocket tens when I should. 

Called raise to $6 from SB with A9o. Whiffed flop and folded. 

Limped in 10h-9h from cutoff. Five players. All black flop with an A and Q. Folded to bet. 

Currently $2300 on table including my stack. I’m biggest stack with $525. Two other $400 stacks. Possible money to get here. 

Damn. Seat 10 is getting up and taking her $405 with her. She was the tight player who

I lost 10-10 to about 15 minutes ago. 

New player sits down with $270.

Raised to $16 with JJ. Two callers. Flop is 942 rainbow. First player goes all in for $28. I reraise to $125, which covers other player. She folds. First player has 9. I win pot. Jacks hold. 

Limp in with 77 from early position. Five callers. Flop is A64ddd. Although I have 7d I fold to bet. 

One limper into my 10-5o BB. I check. Flop is 10-9-6. I bet $5 and win pot. 

Called $11 raise with 77 in SB. Flop was 229. Called $12 bet thinking I was ahead. Turn was Ace. Folded to $20 bet. 

Called $7 raise with 85hh from cutoff. Pot is $24. Flop Ah-3s-10h. Player bets $12. I call. Turn is 4c. Player bets $12. I call. River 6h for flush. Player bets $18. I reraise to $100 to put him all in. He folds. 

Table has $1600 on it. $600 is mine. Need some more players. 

Called raise to $6 with A3o from BB. Flop whiffs. Fold to a bet. 

My friend JJ just got to the table with $200. But I don’t want her money. Player next me re-bought for $100. 

Played Q8cc from button for $2. Board ran out four diamonds. I lost. 

Limped 3-3 from cutoff. Six players. No action all the way to river. I lost. 

Raised to $8 with QJo mid position. Flop was 3-5-10 rainbow. I checked. Folded to bet. 

Limped 55. Folded to bet on KQJ flop. 

Played 43o for free in BB. Folded on JJ10 flop. 

Raised to $10 from button with A2hh. SB called. Flop was Q92 rainbow. He checked. I bet $20. Won. 

Called $12 raise with JJ. Flop was A55. I folded to bet. 

Called raise to $10 with AJo in BB. Three players. $31 in pot. Flop K95. No action. Turn A. No action. River 9. I bet $15. Win pot. 

Limped with 2-2. Five callers. Flop 10-9-8. Check all around. Turn 3. Check all to me. I bet $11. One caller. Board pairs 9 on river. Check check. I win. 

Played A-10o from BB free. No action on J92 flopped. Turned 10. No action. River 3. I bet $2. Won pot. 

Played AJo from SB calling $8 raise. Whiffed flop. Folded to bet. 

Raise to $11. One caller. I reraise to $30 with AKdd. Two callers. Pot is $90. Flop is Q75 rainbow. Check check to me. I bet $55. Original raiser snap calls. Other guy folds. Turn K. Check check. River is a jack. Check check. He shows Q. I win with K. 

Raised to $11 with A-10ss. Three callers. Whiffed flop. Folded to bet. 

Played 22 in BB for free. Five players. Flopped a 2. Bet $11. Won pot. 

Played AJdd facing $11 raise. Flopped J but board ran out four spades and folded on river. 

Played AJss against $15 raise. Four callers. Flop was Q46hh. I folded to bed. Raiser was playing QJo and lost to river flush. 

Played 96cc from mod position to see if I could spike a big hand. Whiffed flop. Folded to bet. 

Played K-10 suites facing $6 raise from button. Six players. Flop was 99A. Folded to bet. 

Players raises to $7. I reraise to $18 with 10-10. SB calls. First player calls. Flop is KKQ. Everyone checks. I stab for $40. Small blinds shoves for $68. I called off $28 more to win a $195 pot. Her AK holds. 

Limped in 6-6. Called raise of $12. Six players. Board ran out big. I folded to first bet. 

Played KJhh from BB facing $6 raise. Board ran out 54373 with three spades. Folded to river bet.

Raised to $13 with KQdd. Two callers. Flop AQ2. Folded to raise. 

Called limp with A4cc. Two players. Flop is AA8. Player bets $5. I call. Turn is 2. He checks 

I bet $15. I win.

Guys raises to $12. I call with AKo. He floats $20 on J23 rainbow flop. I call. Turn is a 9. He checks. I check. River is a 6. He wins with 4-6dd. ☹️

End of session. Up $222. Should have been more.

Only my sixth live session of 2020. I am still a net loser overall. I gotta shake the rust off soon.

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