Here We Go, 2020!

I start off every year with high hopes of blogging more, posting more, creating more and doing more. Then I crash and burn about two weeks into the new year and end with the same old ish.

This year will be different. Why? This year I am going to be selfish.

I have spent too many years of my life doing for others while not doing nearly enough for myself. I have intentionally avoided dating, because I have a son at home and don’t want to complicate his life. I play it safe way too often, when sometimes reckless abandon in this right call.

I am going to work at keeping this blog going, and growing. I am probably done podcasting, but you never know.

I have a great life in Las Vegas, and Vegas is a great place to have a life. I want to share my adventures and inspire others.

Here is my Monday so far:

  1. Dropped my son off at school.
  2. Went to South Point to get some poker information.
  3. Bet on a dog race.
  4. Went to Home Depot for a new over light (I know, that’s lame).
  5. Went downtown to gather some poker information.
  6. Had the amazing BBQ brisket sandwich at Binion’s deli
  7. Took a picture with those tip-hustling bitches on Freemont Street.

That’s a good day. And it’s only 2:15PM. If I can get in a little bit of poker tonight, that would be amazing!

Enjoy your 2020. Be a little selfish. Take your life back.

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