Sports Books Got Killed Yesterday

The sports books of America had one of their 10 worst Sundays in NFL history yesterday, as the public loaded up on favorites like the Vikings, Bears, Chiefs and Patriots and saw them all roll to easy wins. Here is the article on

Meanwhile, I posted a 3-1 record for Sunday and 5-2 overall for the weekend. You could have found my picks on Instagram or Twitter.

The Vikings and Chiefs were easy picks. With Detroit trading its best receiver earlier in the week the Vikings defense teed off on Matthew Stafford, sacking him a team-record 10 times.

The Chiefs were facing a hapless Browns team who fired both their head coach and offensive coordinator earlier in the week.

I took a small loss on the Rams, who are not as strong defensively as their personnel would indicate.

But I got it all back and then some as the Patriots rolled past a Packers team that traded away both its best defensive player and its starting running back this week.

The second half of the NFL season is underway, and this is the time the team’s with real potential to go deep in the playoffs separate from the team’s eyeing the 2019 NFL Draft. It’s a great time to make money on the NFL.

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