Sports Betting: It Was A Good Weekend To Make Money

It was a good weekend to make money betting college football. The first weekend of the college football season. The Vegas sports book tend to be guessing a little more week one, not knowing the real impact of new coaches and new players. With limited knowledge, the books are a little exposed.


The top teams in America are really good.

The preseason AP Top 10.

  1. Alabama, favored by 7.5 points vs. (3) Florida State. Won 24-7
  2. Ohio State, favored by 21 points vs. Indiana. Won 49-21.
  3. Florida State, underdog by 7.5 points vs. (1) Alabama. Lost 7-24.
  4. USC, favored by 28 points vs. Western Michigan. Won 49-31.
  5. Clemson, favored by 38 points vs. Kent State. Won 56-3.
  6. Penn State, favored by 30 points vs. Akron. Won 52-0.
  7. Oklahoma, favored by 43 points vs. UTEP. Won 56-7.
  8. Washington, favored by 28 points vs. Rutgers. Won 30-14.
  9. Wisconsin, favored by 27 points vs. Utah State. Won 59-10.
  10. Oklahoma State, favored by 19.5 points vs. Tulsa. Won 59-24.

Seven of the 10 teams in the AP Top 10 covered. Now take you Florida State since the Seminoles were playing the no. 1 team in the country. That’s 7 of 9. The USC line was too high playing a Western Michigan team that went 13-1 last year. The means there were really only eight teams to be on in the Top 10, and seven of them covered.

Don’t overthink your betting. Top 10 teams tend to cover against weak teams.

College football games are four quarters long.

Don’t sweat slow starts. Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas State, Miami and Auburn all started off slowly. Then the superior athletes and coaches took over in the second half.

Next Week Will Not Be So Easy

The books will have considerably more information before Week 2’s games. And the top teams start to play each other more for the national exposure. Oklahoma is at Ohio State. Auburn goes to Clemson, and Stanford travels to USC.


Florida State would lose its starting quarterback for the season.

Alabama would lose two linebackers for the season.

Texas A&M could blow a 34-points lead with 19 minutes to play.

UNLV would suffer the biggest point spread loss in football history. A $100 bet on Howard to win would have paid $55,000.

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