Back To The Grind

After a 6-month hiatus where playing poker was an after thought to

1. Jace
2. Jace
3. Jace
4. Work
5. Sleep
6. Jace

I was ready to get my 2015 off to a good start and play a little more poker. Since I am no longer working graveyard my sleep situation has normalized, as has my mental state.

My first attempt was last night. I am definitely rusty. Time off can lead to the biggest leak in poker — playing too many hands. I am definitely falling in that trap, though I managed to make a $180 profit when I got my money in terribly and rivered a straight.

Villian (Big Blind): 2-3o
Me: 6-7 diamonds
Flop: 4c, 5h, 6s

BB checked, next player bet $20. I called $20. BB checked raised to $55. First raiser called, I called. Turn was an Ace of spades. BB shoved. I only had $60 left, the pot was $170. So my last $60 could get earn me a pot of $290.

The problem with the call is I’m beat by the straight (which he had), any Ace, two pair, a set and a slew of other hands. I made the crying call anyway, and rivered a 3 for a high straight.

Tonight I tried again, and still showed some rust. On an extremely loose table (there were seven straight all-ins to open the new game) I misplayed A-A badly from the small blind. Later, I misread a player when I was holding two pair against his higher two pair. I quickly fell back $200. But I decided to stay and grind. The stay was worth it. I worked a straight flush draw into a rivered straight for a nice pot. I hit a runner-runner trips to win a small $50 pot from the big blind. I ended up carving out a $42 profit.

So my 2015 total is $222. Not retirement money, but a step in the right direction.

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