Losing Weight: Hard, But Rewarding

After years of hoping, wishing, lamenting, procrastinating and just plain being lazy I have reached my tipping point with being overweight.

I want to be heathy and have more energy, so I’ve gotten back to working out. But more importantly I have started eating right. And that is hard as hell!

My steps so far:

1. I stopped drinking diet Coke. Depending on who’s research you believe, diet Coke can cause cancer. There is no arguing that diet Coke and any other soda product is basically just a batch of chemicals. I think we all remember that Nancy Reagan warned us to not put chemicals in our bodies. My last soda was July 25, 2010.

2. I gave up fast food. This was actually easy when I gave up the diet Coke. Fast food and soft drinks go hand in hand. That food is not only chemically-enhanced, but it’s fattening too. I didn’t have to watch Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me documentary to known Mickey D’s was bad for me. Heck, baseball reliever Goose Gossage told the world year’s ago. My last fast food meal was sometime before July 25, but I don’t know what date exactly.

3. If it comes in a can or a box, it is probably bad for you. This is my grocery shopping rule. Although there are exceptions, a majority of the things that come in a box or a can at a grocery store are high in sugar, chemicals, fat or all three.

This does make it a little difficult to eat while I am in the process of losing the weight. I’ve had to stick to apples, string cheese, yogurt, chicken, bananas and salmon thus far. I am single, and cooking for one can be difficult. But I haven’t been going hungry. And when I do eat, I get full much faster.

4. I do 45 minutes of cardio minimum every single day. This was the easiest one to achieve. After I stopped eating and drinking all the junk, I had a lot more energy to go to the gym.

I am sure I am on the right track. I’ve lost 9 pounds in the first 10 days I’ve done this. It is the incentive to keep going.

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