The Surging GVR Tourney

The Surging GVR Tourney

I’ve been taking it slow on poker that past few days as I’ve spent more time trying to train Ace to not destroy the house when I leave.

I did find time, however, to take in the fast-growing tournament in Las Vegas Saturday morning at Green Valley Ranch.

chipsGVR has had a 10AM daily tourney as long as I can remember. Friday and Saturday’s fields were always the best. Any given Saturday you could expect 50-60 players. Through word of mouth (the greatest promotion any poker room can have) the field has exploded the last four weeks. Yesterday the field again cracked 120 players for a $45 buy-in event.

I can’t tell you the exact size of the player count or prize pool because I was bounced in level two. It was just bad luck I ran into aces twice and queen once while holding top pair or two pair each time.

Inexplicably, the field for the Sunday through Friday 10AM tournaments has gone unchanged. Sundays  and Fridays have around 40 players. Monday through Thursdays feature around 30 players.

Saturday is the day to be at Green Valley Ranch.

Current Bankroll: $2,968

And Some Nights You DON’T Suck At Poker

And Some Nights You DON’T Suck At Poker

One night after taking a Cousin Eddie type beating, I was back on the felt mixing it up.

The game was $1-$2 No limit at Green Valley Ranch. Joining me on this visit was the one and only Fast Eddie, along with a late appearance by Scotty H.

The poker Gods smiled upon me tonight. I had a run of good cards and players paid me off with inferior hands.

I felted one player with K-K against her K-J on a K-J-8 flop. She reloaded and I felted her again with the nut flush against her two pair. I also won a nice pot with my A-A vs. a K-K.

I actually had a little decline at the end when my A-K failed against a Q-J and my 7-7 didn’t improve against an A-K on a K-Q-9 flop.

Still, it was a great night.

Current Bankroll: $3,012

Some Nights You Just Suck At Poker

I would love to post every night how I am just killing it playing poker, but some night just suck. You try to make the right plays and they don’t work out. You ram an A-Q into and A-K. You turn a set into someone else’s straight. This was one of those nights.

The day after failing to cash in the in the Golden Nugget tourney I was back at it with Wasted Aces co-founder Ben D. tackling the $1-$2 No limit game at Green Valley Ranch.

I was late for the game and when I got there Ben was absolutely killing it. Ben with chips gets a little dangerous because he gets loose and can attack you from all different angles. He felted me once with a flopped straight while holding a 4-7 offsuit.

I played badly and left felted. Nothing good to report tonight.

Current Bankroll: $2,457

Cold By Day, Hot At Night

Cold By Day, Hot At Night

It was a full day of poker as JP and I took a shot at the Aria poker tournament before finishing up with a live play at Green Valley Ranch.

The Aria tournament — especially on Fridays and Saturdays — is simply the best tournament in Las Vegas. It’s a $125 buyin for 10,000 tournament chips. With reenters and late entries, the field generally is in the 125-150 range on Fridays and Saturdays. That makes for a first-place prize of around $4,000.

Neither JP or myself got off to a good start. At the first break he was down below 6,000 chips while I was stuck at 7,500 chips. About 30 minutes after the break both of us were finished.

From there we headed to Green Valley Ranch to check out the $1-$2 action. What a night to go. A bunch of the customers from my previous place of work were all playing in the room. My table had JP, Dan. C, Robert W. and Nick C. I saw Alba, Jozef, Harry, Chammi, Anthony, Bill C., Bill M. and others dotting the tables around the room. Since my departure from my old place of work, Green Valley Ranch is the hottest poker room in Henderson. Coincidence?

I got off to a great start, flopping a nut straight out of the small blind against a pair of kings. The pair of kings was nice enough to dump her entire stack to me.

After 90 minutes of treading water I hit another nice hand. With five limps to me on the button I popped it to $16 with As-8s. Remarkably everyone limp in called me. The flop was 5s-7s-6c. Four to a straight and four to a nut flush. Everyone checked to me. I led out for $80 and everyone folded.

After a little more bobbing along I banged out one more big play before I left. I raised to $12 with pocket 10s, my favorite hand. The only caller was Robert W., who loves to play big pots and loves to gamble against me. The flop was 10h-7h-9c, giving me top set. I bet out $25 and got called. The turn was the 9h, finishing off my full house. I decided to check because Robert loves to bet. He obliged with a $65 offering. I check-raised all in and Robert snap-called me with his king high flush. It wasn’t good enough against my full house. I took all his chips, was ready to rack up and go home.

I bought in for $200, and walked out with $608. Minus the $125 for the Aria tourney it was still a good day.

Current Bankroll: $2,857

Quick Session Before Cocktails

Quick Session Before Cocktails

For the first time in (ever?!?) I’ve played poker five straight nights, all at Green Valley Ranch.

My timing was terrible yesterday. I was working on a project for one of my business clients that needed to be done, but it wasn’t really urgent. I spent a little too much time on the project. When I got to  GVR at 3:15PM the bad-beat jackpot has just hit. If I had just arrived about 20 minutes later I would be $431 richer for getting a player share.

It didn’t cost me anything to miss out on the bad beat jackpot so it wasn’t a big loss. I got to visit with a few dealers and players while I waited for a new game to start.

I started off in a $3-$6 limit game and eventually moved to the no limit game. I played a few hours but only managed to eek out a $45 profit.

Today I had a little time to get back to GVR before meeting a friend for drinks. It was just a 90-minute session, but I picked up $100 in profit with some timely cards.

voka_cranIf you see me out tonight, I will have one of these in my hands. By the way, a vodka cranberry is just called a vodka cranberry and DOES NOT contain a lime. If you order a vodka cranberry WITH a lime it’s called a Cape Cod.

Current Bankroll: $2,574

Sometimes You Just Call It A Night

Sometimes You Just Call It A Night

Green Valley Ranch was the site again tonight, as Ben D. joined me for some $1-$2 no limit poker action.

The night started off promising with a quick run to a $150 profit when my bottom two pair held up against a top pair. The profit gradually wore away over the next 90 minutes on preflop raises that missed flops and well-connected flops that didn’t just get all the way home.

Back down to my original stack, I doubled up again. I flopped a set of eights and turned a full house against a player who made an inferior full house with the same card.

It was early the evening and it looked it was going to be a big night. Then I ran my stack into three hands which whittled me down to no profit at all. The grossest of all was the big blind with Ac-2c. The flop was Ah-3c-4c. I had flopped top pair, four to a nut flush and one card to a straight flush. Unfortunately my opponent had A-3 and I bricked out.

When the night was over I was squeezing a $15 profit. But it’s still better than a loss.



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