Another Cash At Golden Nugget $25K Tourney

It was a good day with good friends at the 8th Golden Nugget $25,000 Gauranteed Prize pool poker tournament Saturday. And it got even better when I finished 21st overall, doubling my buy-in for the event.

Overall, the tournament generated a prize pool of more than $28,000 and paid 27 spots.

A gaggle of Henderson- and Boulder City-area poker players headed to downtown Las Vegas to play in the event. The Henderson mob included JP Delay, Jerry Flannery, Rocky Graham, Brad Miller, Mike Ross, Ed Dimpel, Aaron Wrightsman, John Kaposta, Grady Prestwood and others.

I played steady throughout the tournament. Starting with 12,000 chips I improved to 16,000 at the first break and 42,000 by break two.

At the dinner break I was at 43,500 chips with 40 players left. A double up with J-J vs K-Qo earned my enough chips to make a run at the money bubble. With 28 players left I folded a pair of sixes from the big blind facing two calls and an all-in raise.

After the money bubble burst I struggled to find a hand in which to push all-in. Desperately needing a double up to make it down to two tables (and get a needed seat change), I woke up with Ah-10h facing an all-in from a stack slightly bigger than mine and a call. I decided to make the call and hope for the best. I was up against As-Ks and A-8o. I flopped two hearts but bricked out the rest of the way to finish 21st.

It was a great capper to a successful week of poker.

Current Bankroll: $2,103


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